Northwest Solid Waste currently offers food scrap pick-up for businesses and institutions.

Contact Aaron Shepard at or (802) 524-5986 for details.

How it works

Compost totes

  • We provide totes
  • We pick up weekly
  • Full totes are swapped out with clean ones
  • We leave a tote of sawdust for sprinkling on top of food scraps (to add carbon and help neutralize odors)


  • Totes are 32 gallons, hold approximately 140 lbs.
  • $10 per full tote, $5 for totes less than half full (we reserve the right to raise rates if needed due to operational costs/market factors)
  • First tote is always $10
  • Our preference is for fuller totes (not over-full, though)


  • We provide training and signage
  • We can provide table talkers for restaurants (for a small, negotiable fee)
  • We can assist with system setup and troubleshooting
  • Totes can be used in kitchens (you’ll be able to use smaller trash cans as a result of composting) or we provide 5 gallon buckets for a fee


  • You agree to put in only acceptable materials (we will provide a list)
  • You will be notified of small amounts of contamination
  • In case of large amounts of contamination—tote may be rejected, left for customer to dispose of
  • We seek to help solve contamination issues, but can charge for repeated contamination


  • You will see a reduction in trash tonnage
  • You can likely renegotiate your trash contract
  • You will probably need a smaller dumpster or less frequent pickup (your garbage won’t smell as bad)