While compostable plastic bags have been touted as part of the answer to our plastic problem, a combination of chemistry and deceptive marketing sheds light on their unfortunate unviability. The “compostable” label found on the vast majority of these so-called “eco-friendly” plastic bags typically refers to the bag’s ability to be processed and broken down in an industrial composting facility, not in soil. Compostable plastics are still plastics, regardless of their sourcing, and they break down into microplastics, which pose a threat to the environment as well as to public health (see below for further resources).
This is why compostable bags and containers are not accepted in our compost program. The little green compostable bags often found in totes and buckets around town end up in the soil at Hudak Farm where they will sit for years, possibly even decades, before they ever fully break down. Instead of plastic bags, we ask that paper bags be used in food scrap buckets whenever possible. If plastic/compostable plastic bags must be used, please use them only for transporting your scraps.