Items many of us have in our homes, such as automotive fluids, cleaners, pesticides and hobby supplies, are household hazardous waste.

While these materials may be safe if used correctly, they should not be poured down your drain or onto the ground.

If the words DANGER, POISON, WARNING, or CAUTION are on the label, do not throw it away. Bring it to us.

Northwest Solid Waste District collects household paint and stain free of charge year-round at our facility in Georgia by appointment only.

We accept other household chemicals (for a nominal fee) at our Georgia facility year-round by appointment only.

We also hold Household Hazardous Waste collection events in District member towns May-September.

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To reduce your use of hazardous materials:

Buy only what you need.

Don’t buy a gallon jug of paint thinner when you only need a pint. The gallon will not save you money if you don’t use it.

Use the least toxic material for the job.

Materials labeled WARNING or CAUTION are less hazardous than those labeled DANGER or POISON.


Pass left over materials on to friends and neighbors who will use them rather than store them.

To reduce the hazard:

Always store materials in their original containers.

Once a material is separated from its ingredients and usage directions, it becomes far more hazardous simply because it is unknown.

Keep materials out of reach of children.

This is important not only when storing the material but when using it. Never leave children unattended around a hazardous material.

Store away from heat and possible sources of sparks.

Store materials away from pilot lights, switches and motors.