Local ordinance requires that nearly all schools, businesses, and organizations in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties recycle. (The only area not covered by this ordinance is the Town of Fairfax.)

Furthermore, as of July 1, 2015, state law requires recycling for all Vermonters.

So, what to do with those recyclables?

Any hauler offering trash removal in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties (except in the Town of Fairfax until July 1, 2015) must offer recycling.

What can I recycle?

View recyclable materials list and guidelines on our Recycling in NW VT page.

My workplace or school isn’t recycling!

Are you going to handle it yourself? A word of advice: try to have a recycling container next to every trash can (except for those in the bathroom). (By the way, state law requires this for all public buildings starting July 1, 2015.)

When presented with a choice of containers, most people will throw their waste in the correct container. But, when presented with only a trash can many people will simply throw recyclables away. Signage and training helps, too.

Northwest Solid Waste District can provide help if you need it.

We offer (at little to no cost) waste assessments for businesses, schools, and organizations as well as training/education for your staff/students, printed materials, and help setting up your recycling system. We sell those nifty “blue bins” for $6 each, too.

Just get in touch with Shannon Plant at 524.5986 or splant@nwswd.org with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Recycling and composting facility tours

NWSWD offers tours to groups at our Georgia Recycling Center and our composting facility at Hudak’s Farm. See where your waste goes for processing! Contact Shannon Plant at (802) 524-5986 or splant@nwswd.org