Reducing waste at work and home = Saving money

Reducing waste can save residents and businesses money in a multitude of ways. By disposing of less and recycling all that they are able to, residents and businesses can reduce the amount of waste they send to the landfill, thereby reducing their trash removal bills. Businesses with large quantities of recyclable waste materials can sometimes even turn those materials into a source of income. Furthermore, by eliminating waste before it even reaches the business, a business can improve productivity.

The first step to managing a waste stream is knowing what comprises it. Here, the District can help by assisting your business with a waste audit. Once you know what wastes are being generated, where they’re coming from, and in what quantities, then it’s possible to develop a plan to reduce that waste. Contact us at (802) 524-5986 or for more information.

Here’s a great website from Minneapolis with information about business waste reduction.

These concepts apply at home as well. Here and here are two websites from Minneapolis that are chock- full of waste reduction ideas.

(Keep in mind that the aforementioned websites contain some information that is area-specific to Minneapolis. Please, contact us with any questions that you might have.)