A great deal of C&D “waste” can actually be reused or recycled instead of burning fuel, creating emissions and impacting roads and communities transporting it to Vermont’s only landfill to be buried and wasted forever. Local and statewide law ACT 175 also dictates that in many cases, certain C&D materials must be recycled instead of landfilled.

Recycling and disposal sites

NWSWD accepts C&D for recycling at our Georgia and North Hero drop-off sites. Prices are based on volume and are at our attendants’ discretion. We have no tipping floor and are self-service so plan to unload by hand. Please contact us at (802) 524-5986 for details.

Myers Recycling Center in Colchester, (802) 655-4312, accepts C&D loads that contain at least 85% recyclable material.

Highgate Transfer Station and the remainder of NWSWD sites accept small C&D loads of less than a cubic yard as landfill-bound material.