Blue-Bin Recycling

Blue-bin recycling refers to the items that belong in a recycling bin. These items include empty and rinsed clean containers like bottles, cans, and jars, and clean and dry paper and cardboard. It is illegal to dispose of these materials in the landfill in Vermont.

Trash haulers are required to provide recycling services to all residents and businesses within the Northwest Vermont Solid Waste Management District. If you are not receiving recycling services, please call (802) 524-5986 to let us know.

Blue-bin recycling can be dropped off at any of our 6 town drop-off sites or at our NWSWD Georgia Recycling Center. These items are collected and sorted to their shape and material type, baled and sold to processors and manufacturers to become new products!

Blue-Bin Recycling Includes

Please follow our guide for more details on how to prepare your blue-bin recyclables.

Blue-Bin Recycling Does NOT Include

Check our A-Z Guide to find out where to dispose of NON blue-bin recyclables.