Special Recycling

Special recycling refers to items that don’t belong in the blue-bin or curbside recycling, but that can be recycled elsewhere. These items should be dropped off at designated locations. Many of them, like scrap metal and electronics are accepted at NWSWD facilities. For others, there are a variety of drop-off locations across the state.

Find out where to drop off your special recyclables on our A-Z Disposal Guide.

Special Recycling Includes

Full List of Special Recycling

Agricultural plastic




Asphalt shingles




Box springs

Cell phones

Building materials


Clothes Textiles and Rags

Computers, TVs and Electronics

Dirt, Sod, and Clean Fill


Fire extinguishers

Fluorescent lamps

Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges


Scrap Metals

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Furniture, Mattresses and Household goods

Maple Sap Tubing


Packaging Peanuts

Pizza Boxes

Plastic Bags


Propane Tanks

Special Recycling for Agriculture & Construction

Agricultural Plastics

Every year Vermont dairy and beef farms generate over 550 tons of plastic, while syrup producers generate over 160 tons of used maple tubing. Most of these plastic products end up in the landfill at a cost to farmers and our environment.

NWSWD is dedicated to offering disposal alternatives for agricultural plastic products. Our Georgica Recycling Center and drop-off sites accept maple tubing, polycarbonate spouts, plastic mulch, and Ag Film.

Construction and Demolition

Most C & D “waste” can actually reused or recycled. Local and Statewide Law also dictate that certain C & D materials must be recycled instead of landfilled. That means they must not be mixed with land-full bound waste (trash) in any containers. Anyone found putting these items into landfill risks fines up to $500 per incident. Burning or burying construction waste is illegal. The following C & D items must be reused or recycled.

Plywood | Clean and unpainted only

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) | Clean and unpainted only

Asphalt Shingles | Asbestos-free only

Scrap Metal

Clean Lumber and Pallets

Mandatory Recyclables | Including cardboard which must be kept clean and dry

NWSWD accepts C&D for recycling at our Georgia and North Hero drop-off sites. Prices are based on volume and are at our attendants’ discretion. We have no tipping floor and are self-service so plan to unload by hand.

Myers Recycling Center in Colchester, (802) 655-4312, accepts C&D loads that contain at least 85% recyclable material.

Highgate Transfer Station and the remainder of NWSWD sites accept small C&D loads of less than a cubic yard as landfill-bound material.