Northwest Solid Waste District collects household paint and stain free of charge Monday-Friday year-round at our Georgia facility by appointment only.  Click here to make an appointment.

Household chemicals

We accept other household chemicals (for a nominal fee) Monday-Friday Georgia facility year-round by appointment only. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Learn more about disposing of and reducing hazardous materials in your home.

Small businesses

Small businesses that have hazardous waste to dispose of are asked to register in advance by calling (802) 524-5986.

To be eligible to bring waste hazardous waste in to Georgia, businesses must generate less than 220 lbs or 27 gallons of hazardous waste per month. See also Hazardous Waste for Businesses.

Household collection events

NWSWD holds household hazardous waste collection events May-September in various district towns on a rotating basis.

Events are open to all residents (no businesses, please) of Grand Isle and Franklin Counties, except for residents of the Town of Fairfax, whose town is not a member of NWSWD. If you are a resident of Fairfax, please contact your town administrator for information on the disposal options available to you.

What to bring

  • Automotive Fluids: Motor oil, used antifreeze, and other auto fluids
  • Rechargeable batteries: Alkaline, nickel-cadium, lithium, and button batteries, auto batteries
  • Paints and chemicals: Oil based paint, latex paint, solvents, varnishes, pool and hobby chemicals
  • Lawn and garden chemicals: Both pesticides and fertilizers
  • Household cleaners: Furniture polish, chlorine bleach, drain cleaners, metal polishes and any cleaners labeled “Danger”, “Poison”, “Warning” and “Caution”.
  • Fluorescent bulbs / Mercury-containing devices: Fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, manometers
  • Paint and stain: Latex and oil
  • Smoke detectors

What not to bring

  • Asbestos: a licensed asbestos abatement contractor should handle asbestos. Contact Vermont Agency of Natural Resources at (802) 891-5958 for a list of contractors.
  • Ammunition and explosives: Contact the State of Vermont Explosives Unit at (802) 244-8727 to arrange for proper disposal of ammunition, fireworks, and flares
  • Medical waste
  • Radioactive materials