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Compostable bags are not accepted in our food scrap collection program. Click here to learn about why!

Get answers to your recycling and disposal questions with our A-Z guide. From food scraps to construction waste to batteries, the A-Z guide provides you with the information you need for easy and economical waste disposal.


The past year has presented many Vermonters with a myriad of unprecedented challenges. With community health and safety as an already well-established priority, NWSWD has implemented additional changes to its facilities and operations in adherence with state-administered guidelines in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees and customers. Follow the link to learn more.


Composting is an inexpensive way to reduce your trash bill. By removing food scraps and yard waste from your garbage bags, you will be throwing away less. Learn more with Composting 101.

NWSWD sells compost bins to help you get started. We also offer food scrap pick-up for businesses and institutions.

ACT 148: Universal Recycling & Composting Law

ACT 148 is a new VT law relating to recycling and composting, going into effect between now and 2020. Learn more about how ACT 148 will affect you and how to prepare for the changes.

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Reduce & Reuse

Learn benefits and get tips about reducing and reusing.

Trash / Landfill

Answers to frequently asked questions about trash disposal in NW Vermont.

Find out which items and materials are banned from Vermont landfills.

Electronics & E-Waste

Questions about electronics recycling? We’ve got you covered.