Frequently Asked Questions

The Northwest Vermont Solid Waste Management District is the municipal agency that oversees waste management and waste reduction in all Franklin and Grand Isle County towns other than Fairfax. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about trash and recycling in Northwest VT.

How do I get rid of household trash and recycling?

District residents generally have two options for disposing of household trash and recyclables: bringing it to a drop-off site or transfer station or hiring a private hauler.

The burning of trash is illegal in Vermont. Please contact NWSWD to report illegal burning or dumping.

Do I have to recycle?

Yes, recycling is mandatory in all District communities. (Furthermore, recycling is mandatory for all Vermonters under state law beginning July 1, 2015.)

Recycling is required for the following materials:

  • paper and cardboard
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastics #1 – #7
  • metal cans
  • aluminum cans, foil, pie plates, etc.
  • All electronic items (e.g. computers, tvs, games, telephones, etc.).

For additional details see our Recycling pages.

What do I do with food scraps?

NWSWD offers collection points for food scraps at our Georgia, St. Albans, Montgomery, North Hero, and Bakersfield sites, as well as at our partner’s, Hudak’s Farm Stand and Greenhouse. Click here for locations and hours. Further, we offer pick-up for businesses and institutions. We also sell composting equipment at most of our sites.

How do I get rid of old paint, motor oil, and household cleaners?

You can bring these materials into our Georgia Hazardous Waste Collection Facility by appointment only or to one of the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events held in district communities (events are held on Saturdays starting in May and ending in September). All events are open to member communities.

How do I dispose of over-sized items like furniture, tires, and construction waste?

Some NWSWD drop-off sites have the capacity to take these items. Learn more about materials we accept. There are fees for some items.

Is my town in the District?

Currently, every town and city in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties except for the Town of Fairfax belongs to the district.

What do I do if my town is not a member of the District?

Non-member towns are required by the state to offer household hazardous waste collections. Contact your local town clerk for dates and times.

Even if you are not in the District, you can still recycle. Most of the private haulers offer recycling services in non-District towns.

Additional questions?

Please contact the District at any time if you have a question about solid waste.