Support For Events

NWSWD is here to provide a variety of services to help events reduce waste and comply with Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law. Our services include developing a solid waste management plan, training event staff in the basics waste management, and providing bins and signs.

Solid Waste Management Plan

We are here to provide businesses and organizations a basic understanding of what’s recyclable and compostable, and what is not! Our outreach staff will consult about a range of topics in depth with your team, including waste reduction and diversion, composting, hazardous waste disposal, compliance with Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, and more.

Staff Training

We offer a variety of group presentations on waste reduction topics to train your staff in proper recycling, food scrap diversion, composting, special recycling, and hazardous waste identification and disposal. We also provide tours of our facilities to help give a more in-depth look at the recycling process. Contact us to schedule a training and presentation for your team.

Bins and Signage

NWSWD provides various brochures, posters, and other printed materials to help events clearly label their trash, recycling, and food scraps containers and educate their atendees and staff. Check our resources page to view and download! We also have blue recycling bins available for purchase for $6 a bin.