Close The Loop Compost Pickup

St Albans Home Pickup

Currently, NWSWD operates a 30+ stop commercial compost pick-up route for customers like schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and grocery stores. This service delivers over 30 tons of food waste monthly for composting to Hudak Farm on Route 7.

Business/institutional compost pick-up is somewhat well established in Vermont. Home compost pick-up is still getting started. Seeing a need, NWSWD brought its pick-up experience to St. Albans residents in January 2017. The service is running smoothly and gaining customers all the time.

Our route was featured on Vermont Public Radio.

And a story from the Messenger.

How It Works

This route is open to residents of St. Albans City and some residents of St. Albans Town. Town residents contact 524.5986 or to see if you are in our service area.

  • Each customer gets a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. Keep the bucket in the garage or outside, just like your curbside wheeled trash can. Households bigger than 4 people sometimes require a second bucket.
  • Each customer needs a container for food waste in their kitchen. An old plastic container with a lid works great (e.g. an old Tupperware container or coffee can). When this container gets full, dump it into the 5 gallon bucket.
  • All food waste can go in. We give you a list of what goes in and what stays out. No non-food with one exception: if desired, participants may use a paper grocery bag as a liner in their bucket. This will help keep your bucket clean.
  • NWSWD comes by weekly to dump your bucket (including the paper grocery bag). They’ll leave the bucket for you. You’ll be responsible for rinsing it, though it’s not overly necessary.
  • NWSWD charges $15/month for this service. The monthly charge for anyone requiring 2 curbside buckets (households larger than 4 people or anyone wanting a 2nd bucket) will be $22.50.

Commercial Pickup

Food scrap separation is the law for every business and institution in Vermont. Join an ever-growing group of organizations who use our food scrap pick-up service for worry-free food scrap management.

Contact Shannon Plant at or (802) 524-5986 for details.

How It Works

1 | Totes

  • We provide totes.
  • We pick up weekly.
  • Full totes are swapped out with clean ones.
  • We supply sawdust for layering on top of food scraps (to ass carbon and help neutralize odors)

2 | Cost

  • Totes are 32 gallons, hold approximately 140 lbs.
  • For accounts located in Highgate, Swanton, St. Albans, Georgia, Sheldon, Fairfield—first tote is $17. For accounts in all other areas–first tote is $20. Each tote thereafter is $15.
  • We reserve the right to raise rates if needed due to operational costs/market factors.

3 | Set-Up

  • We provide training for staff/students as well as signage.
  • We assist with system setup and troubleshooting.
  • Totes can be used in kitchens (you’ll be able to use smaller trash cans as a result of composting) or we provide 5 gallon buckets for a fee.

4 | Contamination

  • You agree to put in only acceptable materials (we provide a list).
  • You will be notified of small amounts of contamination.
  • In case of large amounts of contamination—tote may be rejected, left for customer to dispose of.
  • We seek to help solve contamination issues, but can charge for repeated contamination.

5 | Garbage

  • You will see a reduction in trash tonnage.
  • You can likely renegotiate your trash contract.
  • You will likely need a smaller dumpster or less frequent pickup (garbage odors will be reduced).