Who We Are

Northwest Vermont Solid Waste Management District (NWSWD) is a legislatively chartered Municipal Corporation charged with planning, implementing, and regulating waste management strategies for member communities.

Current Members

Alburgh | Bakersfield | Berkshire | Enosburg | Fairfield | Fletcher | Franklin | Georgia | Grand Isle | Highgate | Isle La Motte | Montgomery | North Hero | Richford | Sheldon | South Hero | St. Albans City | St. Albans Town | Swanton

Solid Waste Implementation Plan

Vermont law requires all solid waste management entities, including districts, alliances, groups, and independent towns to adopt an approved Solid Waste Management Plan (SWIP). The plan must be in conformance with the State’s solid waste management plan (Vermont Materials Management Plan).

This 2020 Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP) serves to meet the requirements established by Vermont Agency of Natural Resources for all 19 NWSWD member communities for the five-year period January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2025.


Charters and Ordinances

Our Team

John Leddy

Executive Director 

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John Leddy is the NWSWD’s Executive Director. John came on board at the District in May of 2009. Before this he committed to two years of national service with Americorps NCCC, worked for organizations like the Nature Conservancy and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, and even taught high school for a spell. He hates waste and loves the old saying, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” He loves being outside in Vermont on foot, skis, and bike, camping and sometimes mixing and matching these activities to achieve maximum outdoor adventure.

Pam Bolster

Business Manager

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Pam Bolster is the District’s Business Manager. Pam joined the District in 2010 with an extensive background in non-profit finance, office and data management as well as experience in human resources. Her strong convictions about reducing waste, recycling, re-use, and composting make the NWSWD a great fit for her belief system. She is a bibliophile with deep appreciation for language and the written word and is on a never ending quest for knowledge. She enjoys gardening, music, travel, and just being outdoors among many other interests and hobbies.

Shannon Plant

Operations Coordinator

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Shannon Plant is our Operations Coordinator. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Studies and Office Accounting from CCV. Shannon started her career working for an educational facility and then took a hiatus to raise her children. She returned to the workforce more than a decade later in the hospitality industry where she witnessed a disheartening amount of waste! Having always been a hippie at heart with a passion for planet preservation and animal rights and welfare, she now feels at peace as a member of our organization. She is a lifelong resident of Vermont and a longtime resident of Franklin County where she lives with her family, and their Old English Sheepdog, Daisy. She enjoys reading, music, plant based cooking, and living simply.

Dale Chapman

Program Specialist

Alison Corn

Program Coordinator