State Legislation

Act 148: Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law

In 2012, the Vermont Legislature unanimously passed Act 148, a universal recycling and composting law that offers Vermonters a new set of systems and tools for keeping as much waste out of the landfill as possible.

Key features of Act 148:

  1. Disposal Bans. Bans on the disposal of three major categories of materials from Vermonters trash bins 
  • “Blue bin” recyclables
  • Leaf and yard debris, clean wood
  • Food scraps (organics, compostable kitchen wastes)
  1. Parallel Collection. Requirements for waste haulers and drop-off centers that collect trash to offer recycling collection. Requirements for drop-off centers to accept food scraps. Requirements for waste haulers to offer collection of food scraps to non-residential customers and apartments of four or more units.
  2. Unit-Based Pricing or “Pay-As-You-Throw”. Requirements for waste haulers and drop-off centers to bundle the costs of recycling and trash collection into one fee for residential customers. 
  3. Public Space Recycling. Any container in a public space must be accompanied by a recycling container. Exemption for bathrooms.

To learn more about Act 148, visit the Department of Environmental Conservation website here.