Cleaning out your basement or garage? Got old paint or chemicals?

Here are your disposal options–

1. Georgia Recycling Center:

We collect Household Hazardous Waste from District member community residents by appointment only at our Georgia Recycling Center year-round Monday-Friday. Call (802)524.5986 with questions or make an appointment online by clicking here. Fees apply for many items.

Materials accepted at Georgia Recycling Center:
Batteries: all batteries including auto accepted (at no charge)
Mercury bulbs
Stewardship Paint Program: latex/oil paint, varnishes, stains, wood/concrete waterproofing liquids
Non-Stewardship paints/coatings: auto, marine, industrial coatings/paints, asphalt coatings, thinners, aerosols
HHW materials: kitchen, bathroom, auto, and marine products; pesticides; aerosols; used oil; antifreeze; taping compound; adhesives
Other materials: fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, oil filters, propane cylinders, light fixture ballasts, mercury containing devices, used vegetable oil

2. PaintCare Drop-Off Locations:

PaintCare is a paint industry supported program. Many hardware stores participate in the program and will accept unused paint at no charge. Click here to go to PaintCare’s Drop-Off Location locator and find a participating store near you.

3. NWSWD 2020 Household Hazardous Waste Saturday Mobile Collections:

Ended for the Season!

Materials accepted at HHW Mobile Collections:

Same as items accepted at Georgia Recycling Center. Please see top of page for list.

Note: No businesses or large loads at HHW events; please call (802)524.5986 for an appointment at our Georgia facility. Small loads only at events. Large loads may be rejected. Fees apply for many items. Payment by cash or check only. HHW collections are open to any resident of our member towns.